Callum Petch is a 22 year-old Internet-based film critic, and occasional video game and television critic, from Scunthorpe, England.  He has been seriously writing about films for over seven years now – that’s almost a third of his life – and writing on the Internet about various things for two years more than that.  You may have seen his work on sites such as Screened.com, RobotGeek, Nuclear Fridge (formerly known as GameSparked), and most recently on Failed Critics.  Or you may have heard his voice pop up on The Pupcast, the Failed Critics Podcast, or the university radio show that he does with his friend Lucy Meer every Monday called Screen 1.

He is very passionate about film, even more passionate about writing and talking about film, and fanatical about the medium of animation.  That passion manifests itself in lengthy but energetic articles where his love and enthusiasm for film can be sensed in even his most scathing writing.  Although he can, and does sometimes, snark profusely, he prefers to be earnest and sincere, explaining clearly and fervently why a film or specific aspect of a film does or does not work, instead of lining up a string of baseless insults.  A great example of this can be found in his 31-part retrospective series on the works of DreamWorks Animation, where his passion and love for animation manifests itself in some very deep analyses of every single one of their films.

He also doesn’t normally refer to himself in the third-person, or talk so pompously about himself.

You can find him on the Twitters, @CallumPetch.

If you wish to hire him for any paid work, then he can be reached at petchca@aol.com.


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