Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself

Here we go.

MeLadies, gentlemen, and others… welcome to

Yes, folks, it has finally happened.  After roughly five years of wandering the Internet, posting my various writings on wherever will have me, I got myself a website of my very own.  A place to call “Home”.  A one-stop-shop where you (eventually) can find almost everything that I have ever done.  From my earliest film reviews that I posted to my defunct-original blog, to the contributions I made as a user at, to my time as a regular on the Pupcast, to the time I tried being a games writer for RobotGeek and Nuclear Fridge (formerly known as GameSparked), to the works I produced as an official staff member of, to the incredibly large body of work I have penned for Failed Critics, to my university radio show Screen 1…  You can find them all here (eventually)!

But, of course, a website like this is no good and not worth the fanfare if it’s just going to house a load of articles from yesteryear.  What else is going on here?  What else can you expect from  Well, in the next 7 days alone, you can expect a review of Pixar’s Inside Out, an advance review of Pixels for all my fine fellow British folk, the newest instalment of Screen 1 (the radio show that I co-host with Lucy Meer), a new US Box Office Report, and maybe even the return of a once semi-popular feature of mine from, along with even more articles from my archives popping up on the site on a daily basis.

All of that is just in the next week!  In the weeks following on from that, you can expect a constant stream of new, and new old, content for your entertainment.  More reviews, more Box Office Reports, more Screen 1, more film editorials, more in-depth films analyses, the return of old features, and some brand new features that I have been conceptualising for ages and am dying to share with you.  And you will find almost all of it exclusively on this here website.  But if that overload of potential quality content is too intimidating for you to dive into blind, there will also be an infrequent article or two giving you my personal recommendations on what you should read, both on here and around the Internet.

If you’ll allow me to break away from Salesman-mode for a few moments, I’m quite proud that I’m finally doing this.  I realise that on-paper I shouldn’t be, since pretty much everybody has their own website nowadays, but I am a guy who is very much lacking in self-confidence and self-belief.  Going it alone has always been terrifying to me, so I have been loyal to a fault to any halfway professional website that has been willing to host my work, out of both gratefulness for them liking my work enough to host it and out of fear that I won’t be able to make it on my own.  However, I finally think, after five and a half years of doing this semi-competently, that I am good enough to strike out on my own and only write for other websites when money is on the table.  This genuinely would have been unthinkable for me even 9 months ago, so this means a lot to me.

Anyways, that’s that.  I am incredibly excited to finally share this with you, and I hope to entertain you with great work on a very regular basis for years to come!  So, whether you are a close personal friend of mine, a fan of my work, or somebody who has just stumbled in by accident, welcome to!  I hope you enjoy your stay!

Callum Petch

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